Friday, February 24, 2012

Relationship Killers #3

This week at Freedom Valley, Relationship Killer #3, Be My Everything will be on the run.

It's nice to share life with somebody. But nobody can meet all of your needs. This week in Be My Everything, we explore why expecting somebody to meet all or too many of your needs, actually drives away and destroys the very relationship you crave to have.

The prophet Jeremiah noticed this and the Holy Spirit had him write down some powerful observations about what happens when I depend on someone to be my everything.

Jeremiah said over-dependency stunts my growth. I stop developing as a human being when I depend too much on someone else. It shuts down my ability to have faith, dries up my imagination, and makes life feel like a desert has grown up around me.

But when my roots go down deep into faith, it the environment around me, the economy, politics, and personal popularity don't matter as much because I am living in my Holy Spirit fired imaginations of the future. I spend more time imagining the future than obsessing about what is. Faith is too busy creating the future, to spend time obsessing about what it happening all around me right now. It borrows optimism from the future, while others are borrowing pessimism and grief.

Bottom line is; depending on other people for our needs, leaves us frustrated. God to God for what people cannot do.

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