Saturday, November 14, 2009

from Luke on my birthday last week

My Dad.

My father has poured amazing amounts of effort into my life.

Truthfully. He's done so much for me. He does the big and little things that I need. With driving, specifically, ever since I have needed rides for things he wasn't going to, he's made it a top priority. Every time I wanted a ride, but didn't need it, he would try his hardest to find a way out of his insanely busy schedule and work towards getting my transportation settled over his own.

Even now, when learning and getting better at driving, I learn how much he planned for my life. When I was probably not much younger than 9-10, he started having me drive mowers, dirt-bikes, and every once in a while, pull up his truck for him. He's always planned for me, and worked hard on figuring out what I need, and what he can do to provide.

He also did everything I needed to become who I am. He made me strong, teaching me how to be a man. He made me wise(wiserrr,) teaching me how to think deeply and with God's mind and word as a guide. He worked to make me intelligent, always pushing the importance of school and grades, while remaining firm about resting.

Balance in my life was huge. I wouldn't be the balanced, (sometimes =) disciplined kid I am now if I didn't have a guide rail of a father to know that I would be safe if I messed up, but nonetheless hurting. I knew my mistakes would have consequences, and I knew that my successes would be rewarded.

To be short with what I have to say: You did an amazing and loving Job, dad, Thank you.


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    That is powerful!

  2. Thank you for sharing, I like it worth reading.